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Signs Leszek Goldyszewicz



He is an artist of intense aesthetic sensitivity, enormously absorptive, active and consistent. He has been searching for inspiration in broad artistic tradition, since Egyptian art till modern trends: cubism, abstraction, etc. His creativity is a trip in a space of aesthetics and conventions, and Goldyszewicz gives any of them an imprint of his own gaze, of his own creative personality.

He started with fascination with cubism and with creativity of great precursors of this trend: Braque and Picasso. Cubic presentations of Goldyszewicz have their individual character, their rhythm, their specific lyricism.

The forms are build of simple geometrical elements, usually with dominating linear rhythms, accentuated with contrasts of colour planes. They are, inspire of obvious deformations, compositions of clearly sensed harmony. The same effect ran be traced in the following cycles. In big abstract, multicolour canvases, fulfilled with internal, pulsating energy; in small pictures supplemented with matter of fabric; in big presentations referring to the tradition of Egyptian painting.

Anyhow those numerous references are not only the expression of fascination with the past culture, they are on attempt of creating a new artistic synthesis, a connection between rich European heritage and original realizations of the artist.

Here the tradition is the space thoroughly thought over; Goldyszewicz knows its strength and its weaknesses. Sometimes he uses it as a point of reference, a set of technical realizations, but sometimes it is only a pretext for discussion, for creative polemic, in which a subtle element of irony ran be heard.

The painting of Goldyszewicz is an example of artistic sensitivity, reliability and responsibility. There are no accidental elements, effects of creative nonchalance or caprice. The mature painting, with shaped aesthetics, and at the same time constantly searching for new ways.

Piotr Siemaszko

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